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Kyoko Shimazu Author's Edition CHAPTER LIST
  • Kyoko Shimazu Author's Edition

    Alternative : Omoide no Omelette,Rice Omelette of Memories,島津郷子自選集,想い出のオムライス
  • Author(s) : Kyoko Shimazu,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-16-2019 23:23:55 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 78,173
  • Genres : Drama, Ecchi, Josei, Slice of life, Smut,
  • Rating :
  •   kono-basho.com rate : 4/ 5 - 5 votes

Kyoko Shimazu Author's Edition manga summary:

When Shoko’s husband Masahiro is sent abroad for work, she takes her daughter Tomomi with her to visit her mother who lives alone in the countryside. Compared to her mother-in-law who is good at cooking and setting a beautiful table, her mother’s modest, plain cooking embarrasses her to the point that Shoko is too hard on her…
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.6 Chapter 7: Station 916 Aug-16-19
Vol.5 Shot 8: Blood Speaks 1,400 Aug-16-19
Vol.4 Tree Of Happiness 1,425 Aug-15-19
Vol.3 Windy Hills 1,168 Aug-15-19
Vol.3 Virgin Summer 1,122 Aug-15-19
Vol.3 A Christmas Gift 911 Aug-15-19
Vol.3 Dollhouse 898 Aug-15-19
Vol.3 Hot Nights 1,111 Aug-15-19
Vol.2 A Goodnight Kiss 983 Aug-15-19
Vol.2 If The Rain Stops 1,900 Aug-15-19
Vol.2 The Witches Day Off 1,207 Aug-15-19
Vol.2 Have A Good Day 1,214 Aug-15-19
Vol.2 It Rains On Sunday 1,187 Aug-15-19
Vol.1 Sister Wars 2,068 Aug-14-19
Vol.1 Wet Hair 1,674 Aug-14-19
Vol.1 Angel 1,912 Aug-14-19
Vol.1 The Glass Ring 2,152 Aug-14-19
Vol.1 Silver Forest 3,528 Aug-14-19