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I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999* CHAPTER LIST

I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999* manga summary:

The sad growing-up story of a pair of orphans dependent on each other. "I want to protect you forever and ever, because we have no other loved ones in this world"
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 33: Accident 3,653 Jul-10-19
Chapter 28: Rescue 9,252 Feb-02-19
Chapter 25: A Son Returns 12,264 Oct-28-18
Chapter 24: White Lie 11,798 Oct-17-18
Chapter 19: That Person 14,236 Sep-02-18
Chapter 13: Courage 16,492 Jul-16-18
Chapter 11 15,461 Jul-03-18
Chapter 10: A Lonely Smile 19,018 Jun-24-18
Chapter 9 : Corrosion 19,746 Jun-18-18
Chapter 4.1 20,785 Mar-11-18
Chapter 3 27,651 Nov-02-17