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Player (Yang Xiao Hua) CHAPTER LIST

Player (Yang Xiao Hua) manga summary:

During a late-night, there was a bizarre murdering case in an alley of a small town. A few youngsters met a psycho murderer on their way home after a night-shift. After fighting, they found out that the psycho murderer was invulnerable. At that decisive moment, an ‘angel’ appeared and killed the evil. However, who was the ordinary-looking ‘angel’ that gambled with the devils? The kindness and evilness of humans will not only determine the success or failure of the gamble; it will also determine the fate of all humans.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 3: A Man's Romance 3,344 Nov-08-19
Chapter 2: Set Sail 3,528 Nov-08-19
Chapter 1: A Snowy Night 10,824 Oct-25-19