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Emperor And The Female Knight CHAPTER LIST

Emperor And The Female Knight manga summary:

Pauliana has been defeated and captured by the army of the enemy nation, Acrea. She has been desperately trying to survive in men's society, but it was all in vain. Acrea's young king, Lucius, sees her struggle and makes an unexpected offer. He dreams to continue the war and be the first emperor to conquer the South continent and it's sea. Pauliana, swears a life-long allegiance to Lucius for acknowledging her. However, in the end, Lucius is just an emperor on the battlefield that had awakened his love for Pauliana!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 11 16,600 15 hour ago
Chapter 10 29,146 Dec-06-19
Chapter 9 30,510 Dec-04-19
Chapter 8 29,374 Dec-03-19
Chapter 7 25,115 Dec-03-19
Chapter 6 32,737 Dec-01-19
Chapter 5 30,737 Nov-30-19
Chapter 4 36,948 Nov-13-19
Chapter 3 36,332 Nov-08-19
Chapter 2 37,439 Nov-01-19
Chapter 1 41,449 Nov-01-19